LunchBox Kids Fitness Board Game

Kids Physical Fitness Education and Nutrition


Learn Fitness all in a fun game!

Become the "Coach of the Game"!


 LunchBox Kids is a Patented, Health & Fitness Board Game that gets kids active, thinking and having fun!  Kids can teach themselves how to live a healthy lifestyle by answering pop quiz questions and completing exercise challenges.  Become the "Coach of the Game" by winning the most Golden Tickets doing Frog Jumps, Jumping Jacks, Push-Ups, Crunches, and much more!

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A Wellness Coach in a box!


It's more than just fun.......It is a focal point for fitness, engaging kids with exercise, knowledge and leadership skills!  Kids can relate to the funny characters on the board, inspiring  them to be healthy!  This game is a Wellness Coach in a box as it includes a Food Scale Chart and Children's Workout Poster. 

*Health and Fitness Board Game

*Children Exercise and Wellness

*Kids Physical Fitness Education and Nutrition

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